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 Av. Peru K-2 Urb Quispicanchi Cusco-Peru 
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 PERU  +51 974 799255

No. If you miss the shuttle due to flight connections, call the contact telephone numbers written in your reservation form. We will re-schedule your transportation on the next available shuttle without any additional charge.
Due to airport regulations as well as the other traveling passengers, we cannot wait longer than 15 minutes past our scheduled departure times. As soon as you pick up your luggage go outside and look for our representative. If you foresee that you will be waiting more than 15 minutes, go outside anyway and contact our representative. Ask for more time, and we will figure it out. No extra cost 

As long as you call us or drop an email  at least one day before your scheduled departure or as you are at the Airport in Lima, we can reschedule to another date and/or time. If you don't know when you will be able to travel, we will mark the reservation as a credit in your file. These reservations will be valid for 6 months from the original date of purchase. If the reservation is rescheduled a second time, there will be a processing fee.

No. We do not cancel schedules once there is a reservation since all our services are in private mode.

We allow the same quantity as airlines, two suitcases and a carry on. In the event you will have more luggage, odd or extra-large size luggage please contact the office for special handling. (Additional fees apply)

Infants 24 months and younger are free. Children 25 months through 12 years are eligible for the child rate with a paid adult fare.
We are sorry, but due to Peruvian laws, we are no able to provide any type of car or booster seats.

Our office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All year long

No, we use electronic ticketing. The driver will have a manifest with the name of the head of the party and number of passengers.
Seats are not guaranteed until full payment has been made, however, if there is an empty seat at the departure time, you may pay the driver full fare for that seat.
In order to keep our fares low, we provide the mobile units depending on the number of customers. This kind of transfer is very cost effective.

It is a transfer where the vehicle is entirely and exclusively booked for the client. Upon your arrival, our driver is waiting for you with CUSCOSHUTTLE's shield bearing your name. He drives you to your destination address as soon as you leave the arrival's area. 
All our shuttles are non-smoking, fully air-conditioned, and may receive comfortably up to 8 passengers in addition to their luggage. For a large number of persons we place large units.
The Peruvian regulations regarding passenger transportation require a prior booking for each client transported in our vehicles.

Bus, Minibus and Taxis. Buses and minibuses are cheap but slow and time-demanding; besides, they do not drop you off in front of hotels but at fixed stops and don’t allow baggage inside. Taxis are not recommended since they don't have a fixed fee.
The estimated time of transport from Alejandro Velasco Astete Airport is 25 minutes to reach the North of Cusco city, 15 minutes for the Center of Cusco and 30 minutes for the South of Cusco.
You are not compelled to give a tip, but if you have been satisfied with the service, the driver will appreciate it. You must not pay for your luggage if you are in the average (two suitcases per traveler on shuttle service and four suitcases per traveler on private transfer).

No, our prices have been fixed in advance and we shall do our best to take you quickly and safely to your destination address.

We are going to be outside of the airport waiving a sign with your name and CUSCO SHUTTLE logo. In your instructions package you will have further information about what to do explained in a simple manner.

Yes, we can. just drop a message at reservations@cuscoshuttle.com and we will contact you .



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